Tuesday, December 30, 2014



wow! so looong already seems like I put  this blog untouch..

to my blog:  Its not that I don't want u anymore, my love. Its a long story to tell.. hmmm... forget about it. And now I am back, and will be with you again. And I still love you like before, my baby!

to my reader:  Okeh, lemme start by thanking you for checking this blog every now and then even there's no new updates at all. (shame on me).

InsyaaALLAH after this I will rajin-rajin update ya.

and for the restart also, I belanja gambar--gambar ni dulu ya.

                                                            whoopie pie

                                                   Bubblybrown (walnut brownies)

madeline (moist rich buttercake with strawberry jam and coconut)

super duper rich chocolate cake
Till then, ta ta taaaa...